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What a Wrecker Can Do for You

The Services a Heavy Duty Wrecker Can Provide

What exactly is a heavy duty wrecker and how does it differ from regular towing? To begin with, a wrecker of this caliber can usually handle heavier and larger vehicles than smaller tow trucks could. Additionally, a wrecker is most commonly used for vehicles that have broken down or suffered a crash. The drivers of wrecker trucks are specifically trained to safely and effectively operate this type of recovery vehicle. There are several main uses for a powerful wrecker and these are some of them:

Wrecker Service

If a vehicle has been in a crash and is not operational or safe to drive anymore, a wrecker will be called. Much like a regular tow truck, the wrecker will hook onto the damaged vehicle and take it to the appropriate location, be it the local mechanic, a car junkyard, a body shop, or another designated location.

Vehicle Recovery

In some cases, a vehicle can swerve off-road and end up stuck in soft soil, mud, sand, or even a nearby body of water. In those cases, it’s necessary to perform vehicle recovery. A powerful wrecker can tow the vehicle successfully out of the unfavorable terrain and back onto the road. If the vehicle has also been damaged, it will be towed to the appropriate repair shop.

Heavy Vehicle Towing

Wreckers were built to be very stable and powerful. They are, therefore, capable of towing large and heavy vehicles safely and without any issue. This can include regular cars but also compactors, tractor-trailers, heavy dump trucks, and many other types of vehicles.

If you happen to need the services of a heavy duty wrecker, don’t hesitate to turn to LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services and set up an appointment right away. We are on duty 24/7, ready to be of assistance to clients throughout Channelview, TX and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (281) 937-4632!

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