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Watch Out for These Typical Car Breakdowns in the Summer

Avoid Calling a Heavy Wrecker Service

Vehicles often experience breakdowns while on the road. Some of these problems are sometimes inevitable, but you can prevent others. Avoid calling a heavy wrecker service by being proactive and knowing about these common summer breakdowns: Engine overheating is somehow self-explanatory. If you see smoke coming from under the hood and sense a strange smell coming from the engine, that means it is experiencing overheating. Of course, the engine light on the dashboard will be on, and you have to pull over and check the oil. Let the car cool down and call a local mobile mechanic.

Flat tires are a common occurrence at this time of the year, as well. Heat can cause tire blowouts due to the high temperature of the asphalt surface. If your tires are not properly inflated, the tire pressure will increase leading to blowouts and the need for heavy duty towing.

Extreme temperatures also lead to different sorts of battery failures. The summer heat and low winter temperatures can cause all kinds of battery problems. The battery fluid inside of the device evaporates, which in turn, causes the car battery to cease functioning. Unfortunately, dead batteries are not repairable. They need replacing.

Fluid leaks are common, too. Drivers often think it’s all right to only occasionally top up their coolant because they can’t see a leak. However, in warmer weather, automobiles need more from their cooling systems, and this can expose weaknesses. But before you know it, slight weeping from a failed seal can become a full-on leak.

For any breakdowns and failures in or around Channelview, TX, call LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services without hesitation. Our technicians offer a variety of towing services and even a box for towing motorcycles. Call our experts at (281) 937-4632.

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