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Rely on Our Roadside Assistance Service When on the Road

Are you experiencing some kind of car trouble? Did you get into a fender bender? Maybe you have someone illegally parked on your lot. Whatever the case is, we’re the professionals that you can turn to for help. We provide our clients with a reliable roadside assistance service that they can count on, no matter what the job entails. LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services is available to complete the job at hand with the maximum amount of quality and attention to detail.

The Services We Offer

Towing Services

We can tow your vehicle, no matter what the details of the job are. We specialize in heavy-duty towing, flatbed, long-distance, and collision towing, as well as parking management. We can enforce the towing restrictions and ensure that your needs are met.

Winch Out Services

Winch Out Services

If your car or truck has gotten stuck in a ditch, mud, water, snow, or another kind of substance that is making the vehicle inoperable, we can help. We provide winch-out services that use mechanical devices to pull your vehicle out. 

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal

Junk cars are oftentimes inoperable and can’t be moved without the help of a tow truck. That’s where we come in. We can handle the job for you promptly so that you’re fully satisfied with the work that we complete. 

Roadside Assistance

While on the road, you might run out of gas, get a flat tire, or maybe even need a jump-start. Whatever the issue is, you can turn to our for our quick and reliable roadside assistance.

Lockout Services

Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your vehicle is a more common occurrence than you may think. We can get you back into your vehicle without damaging it. Leave the job to our professionals for excellent services and results.

Jump-Start Services

Jump-Start Services

Your car battery can go dead at any point, but our professionals are here to help. We make sure to come to your side in no time. We’ll jump-start your vehicle and ensure that you’re safe to get back on the road.

The Benefits Our Experts Can Provide

Car problems and accidents can happen when you least expect them, but with our services, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We have a heavy wrecker service that you can rely on, and we’re the professionals you can trust, no matter how big or small the job is. Turn to our team in Channelview, TX for quick and reliable services at all times.

How We Do It

Whenever you’re experiencing some kind of car trouble while on the road or need a towing company, just make sure to give us a call. We communicate effectively with our clients to understand their needs, location, and more. Our team acts quickly and professionally at all times. Turn to LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services for quality heavy duty wrecker services and the maximum amount of professionalism. 

Additional Areas We Serve

We are heavy duty tow truck experts that also work with clients in the surrounding areas so that they get excellent results that suit their standards. Those areas include: 

  • Jacinto City, TX
  • Galena Park, TX
  • Crosby, TX
  • Humble, TX
  • Brookside Village, TX

If you need our heavy duty tow truck services in Channelview, TX, please give us a call now to schedule your appointment!

Ruben Mcbride
Ruben Mcbride
Completely impressed with the service I received from your company. I have never had to use a tow truck before, but this one was easy and quick to get me where I needed to go. The driver was very professional and courteous, and they made sure that everything went smoothly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of heavy duty tow truck services!
Oryan Mcphail
Oryan Mcphail
The tow truck was an excellent choice for the job. It was very fast and easy to get started. When it came time to hook up the trailer, the driver had everything set up in no time and he even hooked up a spare tire just in case. The driver was friendly and professional, which made me feel at ease about my car being towed away.
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark
Very pleased with the service I received from your company. I was in a bind, and needed to get my car out of the snow as soon as possible. And you guys did just that! You were on time, courteous, fast, and most importantly—effective. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their wrecker services!
Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson
Very impressed with the towing service from LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services. My car was in a ditch and had to be towed out of there, and they were able to get it done faster than I expected. It was very easy to arrange, and the price was reasonable.
John Ellis
John Ellis
Response quickly and great towing service. They carefully towed my car to avoid scratches. Thanks
Lete G
Lete G
Tyrone Franklin
Tyrone Franklin
Reliable Towing Service
Quality Towing Service
Professional Towing Service

Client’s Testimonial

Great Company!

I always call this towing service provider when I see that people are parked in my parking lot after hours. I have very strict rules on my parking spaces because they are oftentimes used by my work trucks. This company is always so helpful and reliable which is why I appreciate their services! 

LS Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Services
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Phone: (281) 937-4632

  • Towing Services
  • Winch-Out Services
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Lockout Services
  • Jump-Start Services
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